Honorariums & Memorials

Pay tribute to show how a beloved person or animal lives on in your heart. An honor gift is a wonderful way to celebrate a special person or animal. A memorial gift is a beautiful testimony to the life of a beloved person or pet that has passed on.

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Donation in Memory of Susan Sherwood

A donation in her memory was given by her husband Bruce Weigel, sister Holly Rasmussen and husband Carl.  Susan  had many hobbies. She was a prolific needle pointer, seamstress, photographer and gardener.  She was an avid reader, and a student of history and genealogy. Susan was a huge animal lover and had many pets over the years including a horse, two dogs, and “lots and lots” of cats.


Donation in Memory of Bandit, a Rescued Life Well Deserved!

Bandit was given a loving home by Charlie and Mary Kozitzky.  A donation in his memory has been kindly given by friends Cynthia and Jim Way.




Donations in Memory of Sgt. Michael Zaglifa 

Sgt. Michael Zaglifa served as a Palos Heights police officer for over 30 years, Mike also served as a volunteer firefighter and served our country as a United States Marine.  Donations in his name have been received from Bernadine Graham and Lisa Clay Foley.

Donations in Memory of Elnora Buechler

Elnora was a wonderful lady who believed in Stable Hands and was a kind supporter. Donations were made in her memory by those named below. We sincerely appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Dave & Bev Smith, Jann & James Slayton, Scott & Theresa Miles, Mrs. Lucille Cadwell, Jane Raymond-Wood, Doris Eberlein, Nancy Jacobs, Angela Witt, Jacie Whitmore Jensen , Angela Uhl,  Anna Kraft,  Peter & Betsy Haaker,  James & Sharon Low, Scott & Mary Seeman, Bob & Diane Slayton, Mary & Calla Slayton & Sarah Slayton.

Here she is pictured with her husband Ralph.

Donation in Memory of Dennis Griffin

For his love of horses & being a Veterinarian

by Wausau Flying Service Inc., Wausau Downtown Airport

It is with heavy hearts that we share the passing of Dennis K. Griffin on September 5, 2021, at the age of 70. After a tireless fight with idiopathic liver disease, Dennis passed peacefully at home with his wife Peggy by his side.

Dennis was a visionary and thought in ways others could only dream of. He impacted his community and his family in immense ways. His gift to everyone is the beauty he has created at Willow Springs. His presence surrounds every single person who walks through the gardens, the round barn, the hall, and the maze, or rides on a sleigh into the woods (at the farm he purchased when the whole thing started).


Donation in Memory of Reverend Donald King

By Cheryl Gross

It might be said that Don was as at home in the saddle or the seat of a tractor as he was in the pulpit. His love of horses and farming began as a boy on his grandpa Wallenmaier’s farm and came to fruition as a founding member of the Wisconsin Foundation Quarter Horse Association. Through the appreciation of and generous care for his horses, he was able to share his ever-expanding embrace of life’s simple pleasures and lessons only animals can teach us.


Donations in Memory of Lori Teuke Baker

By Bob & Peg Lyons, Dave & Bev Smith, Anthony Marohl, Marsha & Mike Baker, Patricia Kell & Lynne Scholfield

Lori was a talented artist before a car crash in 1958 paralyzed her left side. Against all odds, she recovered and lived a long and active life. She had an abiding appreciation for nature and good books. She loved every animal that ever crossed her path, and considered her many cats and dogs and her horse to be part of her family. Some of her happiest years were spent training and riding Khali, her Arabian horse.

Donations in Memory of Allan Wesenick

By Florence Wesenick, Scott Wesenick,  Doug & Diane Abitz, Don & Kathy Oakland, Randy & Donna Wesenick & Dean & Kathy Abitz

 Allan faced many health challenges throughout his life.  Despite those challenges, he was always able to creatively adapt and do his best.  He could be be strong-willed or stubborn, but underneath that stubbornness was a sharp wit and a generous heart.  He loved his family deeply.


Donation in Memory of Autumn Michalski

by Don & Debra Champan in memory of their daughter

Autumn deeply treasured her time spent as a volunteer and later as an Intern Instructor at Stable Hands. She understood the value of emotional healing and growth which Equine Therapy promotes. Autumn genuinely loved people and developed a love for horses at a very early age. Consequently, both people and horses were drawn to her. She was compassionate and her warm sense of humor immediately put any new acquaintance at ease. Her own horse, Leopold, whom she rescued, quickly gained her trust and they forged a deep and devoted bond of friendship as she did with all her family and friends.
She will be greatly missed.

Donation In Memory of Ruth Torgerson 2020

by Diane Kleinschmidt and on behalf of Duwayne Kleinschmidt, Warren, Wendy & Heidi Torgerson

As well as being a loving wife and mother, a committed grandma, and a great friend, Ruth spent her life doing things she loved dearly. For years she was active in the Wausau Women’s Bowling Association, led her daughters’ Girl Scout troops, and faithfully volunteered at the girls’ schools and for Wausau Hospital’s baby photos program. Her career as a para-professional at Thomas Jefferson Elementary and John Muir Middle School touched the lives of students and staff alike. After retirement, Ruth could be found doing the daily crossword, rooting on Dale Earnhardt, Jr., making puzzles, or creating beautiful counted cross-stitch. And, of course, snuggling on the couch with the grandchildren and grand-pups.
She will be deeply missed by her family, friends, and all who knew her.

Donations in Memory of Peggy Hintze

by Ruth and Charles Johnson

Peggy loved family and spent most of her life caring for those she loved including her grandmothers, parents, in-laws, nieces, nephews and later helping with her grandchildren. She was quiet and was often underestimated, but was not afraid to stand her ground and tell you what she thought, even if it wasn’t easy. She was always there to listen, with a smile, a hug, a laugh and a helping hand.
She was a long time supporter of Stable Hands and a wonderful friend.

Donations in Memory of Richard Hintze

by Diane Abitz, Jim & Diane Albers, Katherine Ali, Charles & Phyllis Beck, Barbara Bird, Paul & Sara Block, Tom Botwinski, Dave & Dory Branson, Rose Britz, Chris & Heidi Brown & family, Courtney Costa, Roger & Lucy Dobbe, Steve & Laura Erdmann, Gary Ertl, Fantastic Sam’s in Weston, Mark & Bonnie Gauerke, Kathy Gess, Randy & Perry Goulet, John & Candace Hanz, Jason & Kimie Hedrington, Herbert & Rose Hintze, Ralph & Shirley Hintze, Richard Hintze Family, Tim & Linda Hintze, Anita Hirt, Dave & Theresa Holzem, Eugene & Josephine Hunt, L Joe Jazdzewsky, Vicky Jones, John & Janet Juonie, Keith & Marlene Kappel, Vivian & Tammy Klinner, Debra Koehler, Steve & Linda Konkel, Cliff & Judy Konkol, Dawn Krueger, Ron & Sue Kurth, Sue Kwarciany, John & Jenny Lee, Sam & Linda Lockhart, LeRoy & Gail Matzdorf, Thomas & Susan Mellinger, Jerry & Darlene Mueller, Karen Mueller, Mike & Angie Mueller, Mary Munson, Denny & Renee Peterson, Vicky Rhyner, RMG Install (S. Heinritz), Chuck & Deb Richards & Family, Larry & Ann Roth, Philip & Bonnie Roth, Jim & Laurie Rutkowski, Rosemary Salzman, Tony Salzman & Family, Tom Salzman, Dora Schield, John Schlaefer, Erroll & Barb Schmelling, Tom & Mary Schmidt, Sherry Scantlin, Charley & Lois Schultz, Sandy Schulz, Nana Sessions, Fran & Cindy Siemon, UW Health, Chris & Holly Voll, Bill & Sue Welch, Becky & Tricia Wynne, Jim & Mary Zastrow, Donn & Pat Zemk

Richard was a long time believer in Stable Hands. He enjoyed visiting and attending our annual Hoofbeats Fundraiser and Fair. His grandson Sam is a long time student and has definitely improved through his participation.
The Hintze family are our dear friends.


Women Concerned for Auto Racing (WCAR) in memory of Larry Detjens and Dave Trickle
Donation in memory of Virginia Cooper by Joette Majerus
Donation in memory of Virginia Cooper by Cindy and Jim Way
Donation in memory of Virginia Cooper by Joseph and Jeri Kavanagh
Donation in memory of Bob Ippel and Norma Covert
Donation in memory of Adeline Jacobi for specialized program equipment
Donation in memory of Dad from Faith Gokey, Peggy Romanowksi, Laurie Smith & Patti Krueger
Donation in memory of Chris Beck by Dean Beck


Donation in Memory of Sandy Kalinke Radtke

Donation in memory of Sandy Kalinke Radtke (daughter of George & Laverne Kalinke), husband Keith Radtke




Pets, Horses and Other Honorariums and Memorials

Donation in Memory of Nelson

“In memory of Beth & Wayne Cooper’s handsome, beloved & faithful dog, Nelson.” By Cynthia Way.

From Beth’s Facebook page: “Nelson was such a sweetheart and didn’t have a mean bone in his body. He always had a tail wag for everyone and would let you pet him as long as you wanted. We miss him so much and will see him someday at the Rainbow Bridge.”


Donation in Memory of Sassy

In memory of Sassy, one of the very first therapy horses of Stable Hands who served the program for 10 years, by Diane Abitz