Veterans Assisted Sports Training (V.A.S.T.)

Enhancing Lives with Horses

The V.A.S.T. program offers horse-based activities in a judgement-free environment allowing for a natural and holistic recovery from physical, emotional, social and cognitive challenges a veteran may face as they seek to adjust to the everyday challenges of civilian life.

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V.A.S.T. is offered in five-week session intervals. No horse experience necessary. All sessions are self paced with no requirements and at no cost to the veteran.

The V.A.S.T. Mission

The mission of the Veterans Assisted Sports Training (V.A.S.T.) Program is to enhance each veteran’s quality of civilian life through equine-assisted training and activity.


The V.A.S.T. program gives veterans the opportunity to engage and interact with horses in unmounted and mounted activities from foundational horsemanship skills to advanced riding. The Stable Hands team includes veterans and staff that have an understanding of military culture.


  • Horses offer secondary therapeutic benefits
  • Horse-human relationship bonding and trust building
  • Physical, emotional and mental fitness
  • Confidence
  • Build upon skills learned in previous visits
  • Social support and connection
  • Interest in new hobby
  • Recovery from injury
  • Relaxation and inner peace

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