Veterans Assisted Sports Training (V.A.S.T.)

The Stable Hands V.A.S.T Program is free, work-at-your-own-page program for military veterans. It offers horse-based activities to enhance the recovery from physical, emotional, social, and cognitive struggles that veterans may face in civilian life. In order to introduce each veteran to the surroundings, Stable Hands will schedule a tour of the Equine Therapy Center. At that time, prospective participants will collaborate in goal-setting and will submit all the required documentation.

Download the V.A.S.T Assessment Form

The program seeks to address the following objectives:

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Increased ability to focus, concentrate and learn
  • Greater participation in setting and achieving personal goals
  • Increased patience and emotional control
  • Improved balance, coordination and awareness

The V.A.S.T. Mission

The mission of the Veterans Assisted Sports Training (V.A.S.T.) Program is to enhance each veteran’s quality of civilian life through equine-assisted training and activity.

How V.A.S.T Can Help

Therapeutic horses are used to assist veterans in gaining self-understanding and emotional growth. V.A.S.T. recognizes the bond between animals and humans, and sees the potential for emotional healing that can occur when a relationship is formed and nurtured.

Core Values of the V.A.S.T Program

  • Proven benefits of the horse-human relationship
  • Safety
  • Positive physical, emotional and mental fitness
  • Confidence
  • Shared experience

The V.A.S.T. Program offers veterans a non-judgmental environment in which to build confidence, feel comfortable, and progress at one’s own pace as they seek to adjust to the everyday challenges of civilian life.