Wish List

If you, or someone you know, can contribute items from the list below, then please contact us today. Your support is key in paving the way to help us meet the ever-growing needs of Stable Hands.

  • Good quality folding chairs
  • Gift cards for Office Max, Fleet Farm, Marathon Feed, Wal-Mart
  • Tack:
    • Bridles- good quality English/Western
    • Snaffle bits
    • Good quality English/Western saddles
    • Peacock stirrups
  • For Farm/Program Operations
    • High quality hay for horses
    • AGT Feeders (need 3). At Rocky Run
    • Small tractor with bucket and 3-point hitch or Bobcat (our BIG wish list!) Received. Thank you Todd & Camille Nicklaus!
    • 4-wheeler or ATV (another one for the BIG wish list)
    • Farm truck, horse trailer in very good condition (from the REALLY BIG list)
    • Drag for arena

Donate Online: