Equine Assisted Learning

What is Equine Assisted Learning?

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a non-therapeutic, experiential learning technique that facilitates personal growth by teaching social, emotional and life skills through equines in a mounted or unmounted environment.

An Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL) is trained through PATH Intl. to ensure the safety and well-being of the equine and is the equine expert during equine/human interactions. ESMHLs have a thorough understanding of the ways equine behavior affects human responses and evaluates the role of the equine during the EAL session. They maintain responsibility for the equine, assess the equine’s response to any interactions, and prohibits or stops any activity that compromises the well-being of the equine
to ensures that equine interactions within the session are safe and ethical. ESMHLs also have a general knowledge of mental health and education processes.

The ESMHL works with professionals trained in their specified areas to best meet client needs and to keep the EAL session safe.

The Stable Hands EAL Program

Stable Hands EAL programs primarily work in an unmounted environment to help build confidence and self-esteem, enhance focus, reduce stress and anxiety, foster self-development and awareness, and provide physical activity through the equine/human bond.

Individuals will interact with equines using natural horsemanship ground skill methods to help them reach their goals. While mounted opportunities may be offered as part of some sessions, it’s not the main focus.

Unmounted, ground activities provide opportunities for physical activity, help develop fine motor skills (in the small muscles of the fingers, toes, wrists, etc.) and gross motor skills (large muscles in the legs, arms and torso), help build confidence and fosters trust, safety and comfort for both the individual and the equine.

Stable Hands year-round programming provides opportunities throughout the year to develop personal (both mental and physical) as well as professional skills. Stable Hands provides EAL programs for individual youth and adults, groups and organizations. Prices differ depending on how many participants are in the session and how long the program runs.

Download the Stable Hands Equine Assisted Learning Brochure.

Please contact Diane Abitz, Executive Director/Program Director at (715) 203-4010 for more information.