Equine Assisted Learning

Equine assisted learning is an experiential learning approach, which promotes the development of life skills. This focus on life skills help build confidence and self-esteem, enhance focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and foster self-development and awareness through the equine/human bond.

EAL is facilitated by a certified and trained professional that works safely with horses, has knowledge and skills in experiential learning methods and have been trained to offer safe, life skill directed sessions for their clients. Sessions may be facilitated by a duly qualified professional or co-facilitated by one who is the equine specialist and one who is the human specialist in a particular field. Each member of the team has the necessary skills to work with the type of individual or group in the session.

Each session involves horse interaction facilitated by the professional or professional team. Lesson plans are created on pre-determined goals and often the activities are problem solving based, relationship building or observation. Although clients may learn horsemanship skills through the sessions, it is usually not the primary goal. Most goals are focused on the development of life skills.

Please contact Diane Abitz, Executive Director/Program Director at (715) 359-6046 for more information.